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Individuals and communities worldwide are demanding greater control of their personal data, especially as they learn more about the potential and real uses and misuses by an array of corporate actors. With the European Union taking proactive action on the privacy rights of citizens, the U.S. is witnessing states work towards solutions in the absence of federal law.

CDT has been leading the way on issues around privacy, data, and society for 25 years, and is driving the global conversations on what policies and principles are needed around the next generation of data-driven technologies. We call for reasonable limits on the use of sensitive data and believe individuals must have greater rights to control their data.

From the impact of artificial intelligence to the privacy rights of students, CDT is answering the more pressing privacy questions of today while shaping innovative, rights-centered policies for the future.

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Blue student backpack, with a multi-color trail of data coming from the open top of the bag and encircling it. White CDT logo to the left, "Student Privacy" in blue to the right, and a bright purple background.

Responsible Technology Training Series for Education Practitioners

CDT submitted comments to the White House's Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) that highlights how biometrics impact disabled people. White document on a dark grey background.

CDT Comments to OSTP Highlight How Biometrics Impact Disabled People

Official seal of the U.S. Supreme Court, on a white background.

As Concerns About Student Activity Monitoring Software Grow, a Recent Supreme Court Decision Reinforces the Importance of Protecting Students’ Privacy

The CDT logo. A light and dark grey "cdt" alongside "Center for Democracy & Technology" on a white background.

Dear January 6 Committee: Curb Your Appetite

CDT Joins 120+ other organizations in urging the United Nations to include human rights safeguards in proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty. White document on a dark grey background.

CDT Joins 120+ Others in Urging United Nations to Include Human Rights Safeguards in Proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty

Graphic for CDT's short module on ransomeware in education, including best practices for prevention & mitigation. Blue background with white text. Blue and black backpack surrounded by a blue and purple data trail.

Short Training Module: Ransomware in Schools

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