Original photo by Chona Kasinger for the Disabled And Here project. A black non-binary person stands casually outside a cafe, dressed in all black with a shaved head, glasses, a red lip, along with moon earrings. https://affecttheverb.com/disabledandhere/

Disability Rights & AI

Amid a growing conversation about the risks of bias in artificial intelligence (AI), one form of bias often goes overlooked: the impact of AI and other technologies for people with disabilities.

CDT’s project on algorithmic fairness and disability rights seeks to correct this balance. We analyze the use of AI in employment, benefits determinations, surveillance, and other contexts where AI-driven decision-making affects people’s lives. The project assesses risks, analyzes gaps in existing legal and policy protections, and seeks to center the perspectives of disabled people in efforts to advocate for algorithmic fairness, accountability, and justice.

CDT advocates for careful regulation of algorithmic decision-making that can disproportionately adversely affect disabled people, especially from multiply-marginalized communities. Our project work is guided by CDT’s AI-Disability Rights advisory council, which includes leading experts in disability policy, many of whom are disabled themselves.

The project works to build and share expertise among policymakers, researchers, advocates, and disabled community members, and develop actionable guidance for companies, regulators, and disabled self-advocates.

Meet our AI-Disability Rights Advisory Council.

This is a screenshot of a CDT issue brief, entitled "Recognizing the Threats: Congress Must Impose a Moratorium on Law Enforcement Use of Facial Recognition Tech." White document on a dark grey background.

Recognizing the Threats: Congress Must Impose a Moratorium on Law Enforcement Use of Facial Recognition Tech

Examining NIST’s Latest Approach to Managing Bias in AI

Protecting Student Privacy and Ensuring Equitable Algorithmic Systems in Education

EU Tech Policy Brief: July 2021 Recap

Screenshot of a coalition letter CDT joined, urging the FTC to better protect consumers against data-driven civil rights harms. White document on a dark grey background.

CDT Joins Coalition Letter Urging FTC to Better Protect Consumers Against Data-driven Civil Rights Harms

Graphic for the cover of CDT's report, entitled "Warning: Bossware May Be Hazardous to Your Health." Dark grainy background with white text overlaid, and a graphic of a grey computer levitating above a desk and omitting an ominous orange and pink light.

Report – Warning: Bossware May Be Hazardous to Your Health

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