AI & Machine Learning

Algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) play a central role in modern life, determining everything from search engine results and social media content to eligibility for jobs and insurance. Unprecedented amounts of information fuel engines that help us make choices about even mundane things, like what restaurant to visit. Institutions use data to anticipate our interests, determine what opportunities we are afforded, and steer us through digital environments. There are countless automated processes behind each recommendation, prediction, and result — but how are these decisions made?

CDT is working with stakeholders to develop guidance around AI and machine learning that ensures the rights of individuals, encourages innovation, and promotes incentives for responsible use of automated technology. Building on principles established by the civil rights community, CDT’s guidance for ethical use of automated decision-making technology helps translate principles into action for private industry. We believe that responsible use of data could do more than mitigate unintentional discrimination–it could help address deep-seated cultural bias that contributes to systemic inequality intended to be addressed by civil rights law.

Much more expansive information on what AI is, definitions of key terms, and important related issues can be found below.

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