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CDT’s AI Governance Lab develops and promotes adoption of robust, technically-informed solutions for the effective regulation and governance of AI systems.

The Lab provides public interest expertise in rapidly developing policy and technical conversations, to advance the interests of individuals whose lives and rights are impacted by AI. We place a particular emphasis on the rights and interests of historically marginalized people, who are often disproportionately harmed by poorly designed and implemented systems and face systemic barriers in countering those harms.

The AI Governance Lab is led by experts experienced in guiding the responsible development of AI products and services and in developing governance structures for AI-powered systems. They leverage CDT’s leadership in AI policy to engage directly with companies and multistakeholder initiatives, support public interest advocates, and guide policymakers on the effective governance of AI.

Statement of Core Activities

The Lab uses five modes of engagement to pursue its goals:

  • 1.

    Developing, analyzing, prototyping, and amplifying best practices for AI governance. The Lab works in close collaboration with academic researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders to define and promote implementable solutions.

  • 2.

    Advocating for the adoption of responsible governance solutions through multi-stakeholder initiatives and direct-to-company engagement. The Lab works with practitioners to define, shape, and implement standards and norms around priorities like AI auditing and safety evaluation.

  • 3.

    Supporting CDT’s policy teams in advising policymakers on how to achieve effective auditing, safety, and accountability solutions through legislation, regulation, funding, and government-endorsed best practices

  • 4.

    Strengthening public interest advocates, particularly civil rights organizations, researchers focused on disinformation, and other groups representing impacted communities.

  • 5.

    Building bridges and access points for the research community. The Lab hosts fellowships and pursues collaborations with researchers working on topics including fairness, accountability, and transparency in AI, as well as information integrity and AI safety.

AI Governance Lab Leadership Team

Miranda Bogen, wearing a burnt orange top and black jacket, smiling in front of a grey background.

Miranda Bogen
Founding Director, CDT AI Governance Lab

Kevin Bankston, wearing black glasses, a jacket and shirt in front of a white background.

Kevin Bankston
Senior Advisor, AI Governance

CDT AI Governance Lab Advisory Committee

The AI Governance Lab Advisory Committee brings in-depth and cross-sectoral expertise in applied solutions that advance the responsible development and deployment of AI-powered systems.

Full Advisory Committee

Headshots, names and affiliations for members of the CDT AI Governance Lab Advisory Committee. Left to right, top to bottom: Deb Raji; Rumman Chowdhury; Dave Willner; Irene Solaiman.

Searchable Database of CDT’s Work on AI

The CDT AI Policy tracker brings together all of CDT’s work on AI, enabling quick review of CDT’s AI-related policy positions, archives previous positions that may have changed, and promotes the discovery of common themes in CDT’s AI work.

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Recent Content

CDT report, entitled "Navigating Demographic Measurement for Fairness and Equity." Illustration of a compass and streams of data.

Report: Navigating Demographic Measurement for Fairness and Equity

Applying Sociotechnical Approaches to AI Governance in Practice. White document on a grey background.

Applying Sociotechnical Approaches to AI Governance in Practice

The CDT logo. A white "cdt" alongside "Center for Democracy & Technology" on a dark grey background.

Foundation Models and Non-English Languages: Towards Better Benchmarking and Transparency

White document on black background.

CDT Joins Coalition Letter in Support of Funding NIST’s AI Initiatives

CDT Joins Mozilla, Civil Society Orgs, and Leading Academics in Urging U.S. Secretary of Commerce to Protect AI Openness. White document on grey background.

CDT Joins Mozilla, Civil Society Orgs, and Leading Academics in Urging U.S. Secretary of Commerce to Protect AI Openness

Ensuring “AI safety” into the future begins with how we address algorithmic harms now. White document on grey background.

CDT Joins Others in Letter to U.S. Secretary of Commerce About Views on AI Safety

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