Workers’ Rights

Recent years have seen many new tools and technologies introduced into the workplace, including AI-driven hiring tools as well as tools to surveil and supervise employees under the guise of “performance management.” As employers introduce these and other new technologies, the power imbalance and information asymmetry between workers and employers can worsen. Too often, workplace technology can also reinforce existing racial, gender, disability and other inequalities in our society.

CDT examines and improves public understanding of technology’s impact in the workplace, including the role for regulation to improve conditions on the ground. We also explore potentially empowering uses of technology to support workers: for example, the potential for technology to support employee organizing, or for workers to reclaim the “quantified workplace” as a tool to seek fairer compensation for their work. CDT works alongside those who are most impacted by these new technologies, helping to surface future problems and possibilities, and advocating for policies and practices that mitigate against the worst of these concerns.

Strategies to Tackle Bossware’s Threats to the Health & Safety of Workers

Weaknesses in OSH Act Enforcement Mechanisms Limit Prevention of Bossware’s Harms

Bossware Makes It Difficult to Classify Workers as Contractors

Graphic for the cover of CDT's report, entitled "Warning: Bossware May Be Hazardous to Your Health." Dark grainy background with white text overlaid, and a graphic of a grey computer levitating above a desk and omitting an ominous orange and pink light.

Report – Warning: Bossware May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Screenshot of an open letter CDT joined, urging the White House OSTP to make civil rights a top technology priority across hiring, credit, and housing. White document on dark grey background, with organizational logos of ACLU, the Leadership Conference, and Upturn at the top.

CDT Joins Others in Urging White House OSTP to Make Civil Rights Top Tech Priority Across Hiring, Credit, Housing

Oversight of Algorithmic Hiring Bias is a High Priority in California

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