Graphic for CDT's Elections & Democracy work. White background, with a light and dark blue colored ballot box – and a ballot with a digitized trail.

Elections & Democracy

In the last few years, American elections have come under unprecedented attack. In 2016, state and county election systems were scanned and, in some cases, breached by adversaries intent on disrupting the electoral process. In response, CDT worked with election officials to protect voting systems from cyber attack. The 2020 election was considered the most secure election in American history, but this work must continue to ensure an accessible and secure vote.

At the same time, American elections are facing a new crisis of trust, precipitated by the onslaught of disinformation about how elections are administered. Disinformation and misinformation have also been used to suppress voter participation, particularly targeting communities of color. The democratizing power of the internet creates new opportunities — but also new challenges — for supporting fair, informed, and trustworthy elections.

CDT’s Elections & Democracy team fights election disinformation, supports technology that bolsters a fair and secure vote, and works to build a trusted and trustworthy democracy.

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EU Tech Policy Brief: January 2023

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Press Release: Incoming D.C. Council Urged to Keep Elections Secure in Wake of New Report

Graphic for CDT's Elections & Democracy work. Blue background, with "Elections and Democracy" in white and dark blue text, with a similar-colored ballot box – and a ballot with a digitized trail. Small black CDT logo.

Letter Urging DC Council Not to Reintroduce Internet Voting Bill

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De-Weaponizing and Standardizing the Post-Election Audit

CDT Europe Joins Civil Society Letter on the Council’s Proposed General Approach to the Regulation of Political Advertising. White document on grey background.

CDT Europe Joins Civil Society Letter on the Council’s Proposed General Approach to the Regulation of Political Advertising

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