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Comments to UK Competition and Markets Authority on Competitiveness of Ad-Supported Online Platforms

CDT filed comments in response to the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s planned study on the competitiveness of ad-supported online platforms. These platforms attract millions of people to their services every day and raise challenging competition law and policy questions. More analysis of this sector will help policymakers better target their efforts to ensure that competition is robust and benefits consumers navigating online opportunities.

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CDT's Comments on the Bermuda Regulatory Authority's Open Internet Consultation

CDT submitted comments as part of the Bermuda Regulatory Authority’s Open Internet Consultation. CDT believes that the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has crafted a strong set of proposals that are likely to provide adequate safeguards to preserve internet openness. We generally take a positive view of all the proposals in the consultation document and offer more specific recommendations on the policies for zero-rating, traffic management, ISP obligations, and end-users’ right to access and distribute content of their choice.

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