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Chris Calabrese's Testimony Before PCLOB on "Countering Terrorism While Protecting Privacy and Civil Liberties: Where Do We Stand in 2019?"

We applaud the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) for holding a public forum on the current state of affairs of civil liberties and privacy in the fight against terrorism, which is of course central to PCLOB’s mission. In testimony before PCLOB, Chris Calabrese discusses the important role that PCLOB plays in this area, and encourages PCLOB to focus on four initiatives.

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CDT’s Comments to European Commission on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG)’s Draft Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI

The Center for Democracy & Technology supports the High-Level Expert Group (HLEG)’s efforts to develop guidelines for trustworthy AI and appreciates the opportunity to comment on this draft. While we agree that trustworthiness is a key objective for any system, the HLEG must also acknowledge the limitations of current methods for mitigating bias in machine learning models.

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Letter to Members of the European Parliament on Concerns with Terrorism Hash Database

CDT joined dozens of other civil society organizations around the globe in writing to members of the European Parliament to express our profound concerns about the use of the terrorism hash database. The database was announced by several major internet platforms a few years ago and it, along with similar tools, poses serious threats to free expression. In response to the proposed EU Terrorism Regulation, a number of civil society and advocacy organizations have joined together to let EU lawmakers know about the harms associated with use of the database.

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CDT Baseline Unfair Practices One Pager

We’ve seamlessly integrated technology into every facet of our lives while tasking everyday users with navigating every pop-up, privacy policy, and setting. This is fundamentally unfair and unworkable. It’s time to decide to put in place some purpose limitations and prohibitions on secondary collection and use that exist outside of our broken “notice and consent” model.

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CDT Baseline Individual Rights One Pager

Individuals rightly perceive that they lack control over how information about them is collected, shared, or used in today’s digital economy. Granting individuals affirmative rights with respect to their personal information is one mechanism to address these fears.

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CDT Baseline Data Security One Pager

Data security is one of the foundational Fair Information Practices which undergird privacy laws across the country, including existing federal health and financial privacy rules. Federal legislation must require entities that collect and use personal information to adopt reasonable policies, practices, and procedures to protect personal data.

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CDT Signs Petition Asking FCC to Reconsider Reclassifying SMS

CDT joins Public Knowledge and others in asking the Commission to reconsider its decision to classify SMS as an information service. This Petition for Reconsideration is a necessary step in asking the FCC to correct its flawed decision and is also required for any future legal challenge to the classification order.

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CDT Signs Joint Letter on EU Digital Single Market Copyright Directive

CDT along with other organisations, creators, academics, universities, public libraries, startups, software developers, EU online platforms, and Internet Service Providers, reiterate our position that the manifest flaws in Articles 11 and 13 of the proposal for a Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market constitute insurmountable stumbling blocks to finding a balanced compromise on the future of Copyright in the European Union.

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