The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)’s Fellows program is an opportunity for academics to engage directly with and inform our policy work. Our Fellows represent a wide range of academic fields and disciplines, reflecting the tremendous impact technology has on all aspects of life.

What Are the Objectives of the Fellow’s Program?

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)’s Non-Resident Fellows program is an opportunity for researchers to engage directly with and inform our policy work. Our Fellows represent a wide range of academic fields and disciplines, reflecting the tremendous impact technology has on all aspects of life. CDT Fellows will collaborate with CDT by volunteering their time to:


* Inform and advance CDT’s research and policy work

* Amplify CDT’s voice and connect CDT with leading experts in relevant fields

* Work with CDT to strengthen the public engagement and policy impact of fellows’ own research

Who Are We Looking For?

CDT is looking for researchers with diverse experiences and backgrounds advocating for global digital rights. Backgrounds can include but are not limited to, sociology, psychology, computer science, economics, law, etc.

Minimum Qualifications

Qualified applicants must commit to a two-year, nonresident engagement and must possess a Ph.D., JD, or equivalent in their respective field of study.

Application Process

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, including areas of interest and how they are aligned with CDT’s work, resume, and one relevant writing sample which should already be published. CDT will review all applications with an internal review committee.

We are now accepting applications for the Fellows class of 2021.


How Do They Work With CDT?

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in quarterly policy strategy calls and are regularly invited to join briefings around emerging issues. Fellows are also encouraged to contribute original writing to CDT’s blog and engage in collaborative projects with our research and policy teams. CDT will also provide opportunities to provide feedback on policy positions, white papers, research, and other outputs.


CDT will host quarterly meetings to engage and provide updates on issue areas. Fellows must commit to attending at least three out of the four meetings per year, and participate in periodic check-ins throughout their two-year term.


In addition to committing to serving for at least two years, CDT Fellows must agree to complete at least two of the following over the two years (should be on issues relevant to CDT’s work and be timely):


* CDT blog post or Tech Talk (podcast)
* Speak, present, or contribute to a CDT-branded event
* Publish a paper on CDT’s website


Fellows will be invited to participate in CDT-branded events (e.g., CDT Working Groups, policy roundtables, and other events), where appropriate. Fellows will also be encouraged to promote CDT to external networks by sharing CDT outputs, job and internship postings, and connecting CDT with emerging research and policy discussions within their organizations.


Fellows may be invited to conduct research in collaboration with CDT on mutually agreed projects that relate to CDT’s core research and advocacy work. Fellows are welcome to propose joint research projects that they think would be a good fit for CDT’s work. CDT will consider these proposals in the context of institutional goals, capacity, and resources.


CDT requires that a contract be issued to each non-resident Fellow at the beginning of their term. Each contract will outline key dates and deliverables for each term as well as guidelines for the appropriate use of CDT branding.

How CDT Will Support the Fellows

At the start of their program, CDT will conduct an orientation program that will include details on how Fellows will work with CDT, how CDT will promote the Fellows research, and how to participate in the tech policy process.


CDT also commits to providing a platform for publishing fellows’ work, as well as providing regular updates on key tech and internet policy developments. We will also engage Fellows directly in relevant working groups and offer expert insight relevant to research interests. All Fellows are invited to attend certain CDT-branded public events and webinars, including our Annual Dinner, Tech Prom, as guests of CDT.


In addition to being invited to CDT events and programs throughout the year, CDT Fellows will have the opportunity to meet with and hear from our team, and to provide feedback and suggestions for responding to developing trends and issues.


For more information about the CDT Fellows program or if you’re interested in becoming a fellow, contact Jamal Magby at [email protected] or Dhanaraj Thakur at [email protected].