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Equity in Civic Technology, Privacy & Data

A CDT & NEA Webinar on Digital Equity & Student Privacy Unpacks Educator Perceptions

CDT's Elizabeth Laird, during CDT & NEA's joint webinar on Digital Equity & Student Privacy, that unpacks educator perceptions.
CDT’s Elizabeth Laird, during CDT & NEA’s joint webinar on Digital Equity & Student Privacy.

Education technology made learning possible for countless students last year, but it also introduced serious concerns about educational equity, privacy protection, and students’ online safety. As schools and students begin the spring semester, these issues will continue to harm students if left unaddressed by policymakers, education practitioners, and school staff.

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) partnered with the National Education Association (NEA) to co-host a webinar discussing digital equity and student privacy. Elizabeth Laird, Director of Equity in Civic Technology at CDT, joined Justin Thompson, Senior Policy Analyst/Program Specialist at NEA, to explore recent research findings on teachers’ perceptions of school technology, student data privacy, digital access inequities, and community outreach. 

We discussed how education practitioners can design solutions to combat digital inequities that promote thoughtful community engagement and ensure strong privacy protection. We also heard how educators in the field are navigating these issues amidst the other challenges of the COVID pandemic, and how policymakers and practitioners can best support their students’ needs.

To learn more about the research findings that informed our discussion, check out our research report, Protecting Students’ Privacy and Advancing Digital Equity, as well as our recent Tech Tales series that explores the experiences of practitioners and school staff addressing these issues in their daily lives.

Watch the full event recording here.