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Equity in Civic Technology, Privacy & Data

Research Report: Protecting Students’ Privacy and Advancing Digital Equity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, new and urgent challenges are emerging in education that must be understood and addressed. As the trend toward virtual learning and the increased use of data and technology has intensified, parents and teachers are doing their best to navigate an ever-changing educational landscape full of new obstacles that put the digital rights of the children under their care at risk.

A core pillar of responsible data use and privacy protection is lifting up voices of those who are most affected. In the case of education, that means parents, teachers, and students themselves. These perspectives are chronically underrepresented in discussions about how data and technology can be used while not sacrificing student privacy and civil rights.

Changing this dynamic will require listening to those missing voices. To help policymakers, educators, parents, and students better understand and address these complexities, CDT conducted original polling and focus group research on the views of those who have the most at stake. Our research informs a report outlining key recommendations for education leaders to ensure responsible, effective student data and education technology.

Find our report and research data below.