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Equity in Civic Technology, Privacy & Data

CDT Tech Tales: Stories of Technology Use and Privacy Protection from Today’s Classrooms

CDT Tech Tales, a blog series that lifts up personal and professional stories around CDT's issues.
CDT Tech Tales, a blog series lifting up personal and professional stories around CDT’s issues.

Student privacy protection, digital safety, and equitable use of education technology are primary areas of concern for CDT – and since school districts nationwide first went remote last spring, the importance of these issues has only intensified.

The CDT Student Privacy team has been talking with parents, teachers, and district leaders about how they’ve managed learning transitions amidst COVID-19. We’ve heard from parents who appreciate their school’s focus on transparency and communication, educators who have had to get creative when it comes to student engagement and bridging the digital divide, and school and district leaders who feel they have had to “build the plane as it flies” this past year.

Core to each of these stories is the question of student privacy: as technology becomes integral to learning, how are teachers, leaders, and parents working together to leverage it in a way that protects students’ digital safety and promotes effective, accessible education to all students? 

As part of our new CDT Tech Tales series, we’ll be publishing stories on CDT’s blog that are crafted from extensive interviews and highlight the ways privacy protection goals shape the choices families, classrooms, and school districts are making. See below for the full catalog of student privacy stories in this series, which will be updated as we release more.

Share your reflections on these stories using the hashtag #CDTechTales or mentioning @CenDemTech.