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CDT Partners with Democracy: A Journal of Ideas for Special Issue on Tech Policy

(WASHINGTON) — The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) was delighted to collaborate with Democracy: A Journal of Ideas for a Spring 2023 special edition published today featuring a series of scholars exploring the challenges presented to democracy by technology in the 21st century.

“Around the world, democratic governments are grappling with the seismic changes digital technologies have created,” CDT President and CEO Alexandra Reeve Givens writes in the journal’s opening essay, titled A Democratic Digital Age? “In the United States, new technologies have challenged long-held assumptions about democratic governance, civic engagement, civil rights, and civil liberties. This Democracy symposium takes on these issues, examining the myriad ways that technology is transforming democracy today.”

Michael Tomasky, Editor of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, says, “We’re so proud to run this timely and important package of articles, written by some of our country’s leading thinkers on these topics. I remember when we all thought technology would serve and strengthen democracy. As this symposium shows, today’s picture is a lot more challenging than we once thought it would be.”

The symposium’s essays include:


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