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CDT Launches New Working Group to Address NCII

CDT, CCRI, & the NNEDV announced the formation of a multistakeholder working group that will identify interventions to prevent & mitigate the harms caused by the creation, spread, and monetization of Non-Consensual Intimate Images (NCII), including AI-generated content.

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CDT’s Jake Laperruque Testifies Before H.R. Homeland Security Committee

CDT Deputy Director of Security & Surveillance, Jake Laperruque, testified before the before U.S. House Homeland Security Committee in the hearing “Advancing Innovation (AI): Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Defend & Secure the Homeland.”

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Swearing in ceremony before House hearing.

New Research: Navigating Demographic Measurement for Fairness and Equity

This report provides methodologies, guidance, and case studies for those undertaking fairness and equity assessments — from approaches that involve more direct access to data to ones that don’t expand data collection.

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CDT report, entitled "Navigating Demographic Measurement for Fairness and Equity." Illustration of a compass and streams of data.

Enacting Procurement Policies and Practices to Support Responsible AI Use

This report explores how to enable procurers of AI within the federal government to acquire systems that will strengthen and improve agency operations while protecting the people those agencies are made to serve. 

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CDT report, entitled "The Federal Government’s Power of the Purse: Enacting Procurement Policies and Practices to Support Responsible AI Use." Illustration of an open blue change purse with drawstrings, and two purple coins falling inside.

Will the EU AI Act Adequately Protect Free Expression?

CDT Europe is publishing  a series of blog posts and briefing papers on the EU AI Act and what it means for human rights. The third post in the series provides a summary & overview of the AI Act’s implications for free expression. 

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EU AI Act Brief–Pt. 3, Freedom of Expression. Dark purple gradient background, white and yellow text.

CDT VP of Policy Testifies Before House Commerce Committee

CDT VP of Policy Samir Jain testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee in a hearing titled “Legislative Solutions to Protect Kids Online and Ensure Americans’ Data Privacy Rights.” 

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Center for Democracy's Vice President of Policy, Samir Jain, testifying before House Commerce Committee.

CDT Welcomes Final OMB Guidance on Federal Agencies’ Use of AI

OMB’s newly released guidance makes strides towards more efficient and effective government use of AI – and the focus now shifts to strengthening transparency and procurement guidance.

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Educators Still Struggling with Generative AI Detection, Discipline, and Distrust, Despite Increased School Guidance

To understand how teachers are currently interacting with and receiving support on AI technology like ChatGPT, CDT conducted a nationally representative survey of middle and high school teachers in November and December 2023.

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CDT report entitled “Up in the Air: Educators Juggling the Potential of Generative AI with Detection, Discipline, and Distrust.” Illustration of an “AI-generated apple” with a parachute flying through an open sky, and “AI-generated” schoolwork, book, pencil & eraser falling behind. Note: this illustration was created solely by a human.

Landmark EU AI Act Sets Benchmark for AI Regulation, but Fails to Meet the Bar on Human Rights Protection

Whilst human rights and privacy protections run throughout the Act, and great progress was made since its first version, CDT Europe notes with disappointment that too much ground was lost on human rights in the final compromise negotiations. The resulting compromise text leaves many of civil society’s previously articulated demands unaddressed.

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Our Work Has Never Been More Important

At the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), we believe in the power of the internet. Whether it’s facilitating entrepreneurial endeavors, providing access to new markets and opportunities, or creating a platform for free speech, the internet empowers, emboldens and equalizes people around the world.

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CDT’s 2022 Annual Report

In 2022 – at a pivotal time for democracy – CDT was at the forefront, advancing a tech policy agenda focused on equity and democratic values. Read more about how we took advantage of the year’s new beginnings in tech policy in our 2022 Annual Report.

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