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CDT Joins Expert Letter on AI Openness and Security During UK AI Safety Summit

CDT CEO Alexandra Reeve Givens today signed a joint letter with a broad range of other AI technology and policy experts from industry and civil society, in the context of the UK AI Safety Summit that Givens is attending. The same letter was signed by CDT AI Governance Lab advisory committee members Deborah Raji and Irene Solaiman.

The letter – organized by Mozilla – highlights the important role that open source software and open science can play in helping ensure a future AI ecosystem that is more transparent, accountable, secure, and competitive. It comes at a time when some policymakers are urging novel new restrictions on the ability to openly publish powerful AI new models.

As the letter concludes, “we are a diverse group — scientists, policymakers, engineers, activists, entrepreneurs, educators and journalists. We represent different, and sometimes divergent, perspectives, including different views on how open source AI should be managed and released. However, there is one thing we strongly agree on: open, responsible and transparent approaches will be critical to keeping us safe and secure in the AI era.”

Read the full letter and list of signatories here.