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CDT Submits Comments to OMB on the Responsible Procurement of AI by the Government

On April 29, CDT submitted comments to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on the responsible procurement of artificial intelligence (AI) by the government. Our comments offer recommendations – including from CDT’s new report, The Federal Government’s Power of the Purse: Enacting Procurement Policies and Practices to Support Responsible AI Use  to help OMB ensure that agency contracts for AI acquisition align with OMB’s recent guidance on governance and risk management in agency use of AI. Specifically, our comments describe how OMB can:

  • Build on existing standard procurement practices to incorporate measures for responsible AI
  • Promote competition among AI vendors
  • Hold both vendors and agencies responsible for pre- and post-award evaluations and impact assessments of their AI
  • Guide the contractual terms agencies use to protect data privacy and security
  • Ensure that procured AI advances equitable outcomes and mitigates risks to civil rights

Read the full comments here.