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CDT Launches New AI Governance Lab Headed by Leading Experts

(WASHINGTON) — The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) today announced the launch of its new AI Governance Lab, an initiative to advance robust solutions that address the risks and harms of AI systems.

Helmed by leading Responsible AI experts Miranda Bogen and Kevin Bankston, and with an Advisory Committee that includes experts Rumman Chowdhury, Irene Solaiman, Deb Raji, and Dave Willner, the Lab will provide public interest expertise on questions of AI auditing, bias mitigation, and safety protocols.

Drawing on CDT’s existing leadership in AI policy, the Lab will engage directly with AI companies and multistakeholder initiatives, support public interest advocates, and guide policymakers on effective standards and best practices for AI.

CDT President & CEO Alexandra Reeve Givens says:

“In the growing number of global efforts to set norms for AI testing and deployment, civil society must have a seat at the table. We’re proud to launch a leading center where public interest experts can develop and promote best practices for responsible, rights-respecting AI.

The Lab will help bridge the troubling gap between rapidly advancing AI technology and the people whose lives and rights are most directly impacted by artificial intelligence.”

The AI Governance Lab’s Founding Director, Miranda Bogen, says:

“When it comes to setting guardrails around AI, details matter. That’s why the AI Governance Lab will focus on practical solutions that policymakers and industry can apply to center the rights of those most at risk of harm by AI systems.

Through the Lab, CDT will be well-positioned to deeply engage in the diverse settings where the norms and best practices for AI are being set, bolstering public interest priorities.”

Kevin Bankston, Senior Advisor to CDT on AI Governance, says:

“Getting AI governance right means recognizing where the specific new AI technologies, use cases, and risks that we’re dealing with do–and don’t!–fit into other long-running debates over technology policy.”

CDT’s decades of deep expertise in technology policy, combined with the immediate and practical AI experience of the new AI Governance Lab and its advisory committee, will create a potent new force for informed AI advocacy that centers civil rights and liberties.”

The AI Governance Lab is funded with general and project support from the Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Siegel Family Endowment, and other philanthropic contributions.


The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is the leading nonpartisan, nonprofit organization fighting to advance civil rights and civil liberties in the digital age. We shape technology policy, governance, and design with a focus on equity and democratic values. Established in 1994, CDT has been a trusted advocate for digital rights since the earliest days of the internet. The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and has a Europe Office in Brussels, Belgium.