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Highlights from the Senate Hearing on Net Neutrality

On September 17, 2014 CDT President Nuala O’Connor testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee for their hearing entitled, “Why Net Neutrality Matters: Protecting Consumers and Competition Through Meaningful Open Internet Rules.” The hearing came in the wake of the FCC’s request for public comment on the way forward for net neutrality.

The hearing seemed to pit Democrats against Republicans, with the Dems supporting strong Open Internet rules, and Rs seeing them as burdensome government regulation. Nuala sought to find common ground and solutions in her testimony, encouraging all options to be considered, yet clearly stating the need for strong Open Internet Rules.

Check out the video of her full testimony below, along with video of the questions she received from numerous Senators. Clearly there is much more to be done to secure a fair, equal Open Internet.

CDT called for net neutrality rules governed by principles that promote free expression, access, personal privacy, and innovation.

Her written testimony can be found here.

Is antitrust law sufficient to address potential Internet distribution issues or other concerns that would harm competition?

Net neutrality isn’t new regulation. It’s about maintaining the Internet we already have.

Why is FCC Chairman Wheeler’s proposal to evaluate the practices of broadband providers under a “commercially reasonable” standard a bad fit for net neutrality?

What consequences might practices that occur in lieu of strong net neutrality rules, such as paid prioritization, have on the right to free speech?

Be sure to check out CDT’s Net Neutrality Campaign page for the latest updates. Also, read Nuala’s written testimony, and CDT’s first and second round of comments to the FCC on the Open Internet.