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VIDEO: Harley Geiger at CSM panel – “Cybersecurity legislation shouldn’t create giant backdoor wiretap”

Recently, Harley Geiger – our Advocacy Director & Senior Counsel – spoke on a panel discussion hosted by the Christian Science Monitor’s (CSM) digital privacy and security site, Passcode, and the Center for National Policy.

Entitled Cyber Framework and Critical Infrastructure: A Look Back at Year One, he was joined by Mike Farrell of CSM and John Pescatore of the SANS Institute, discussing information sharing, data breaches, cybersecurity, and more. Check the clip below for a piece of the conversation, and should you be so inclined, you can watch the full discussion here.

“What we don’t want to see happen… is for companies to be able to share any [user data], notwithstanding any privacy law… and then that information, once it goes to the government, can be used for law enforcement purposes. …If it is open for general law enforcement use, then [the cybersecurity program] essentially becomes giant backdoor wiretap.”