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Press Release: CDT Welcomes White House Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights

(WASHINGTON) — The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) welcomes today’s White House release of a Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights and accompanying fact sheet announcing agency actions.

CDT President and CEO Alexandra Reeve Givens is attending the White House meeting where the Blueprint and agency actions are being announced. She said:

“The AI Bill of Rights marks an important step in recognizing the ways in which algorithmic systems can deepen inequality. It expresses expectations for safer and fairer data practices – something to which all entities developing and deploying AI systems should commit. In particular, we commend the White House for considering the diverse ways in which discrimination can occur, for challenging inappropriate and irrelevant data uses, and for lifting up examples of practical steps that companies and agencies can take to reduce harm.

We are particularly heartened that today’s announcement includes past and future steps by federal agencies to support effective and equitable AI. Many of these build on recommendations made by CDT and other civil society advocates, including communities directly impacted by algorithmic harms. The commitments mark an impressive sweep of engagement across key areas where AI can impact daily life, and lay a good foundation for future work.