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AI Policy & Governance, European Policy, Free Expression, Government Surveillance

On the75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the EU Must Protect Rights in the Digital Age

December 10th marked the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This significant anniversary provides a reflection point for the strengths and weaknesses of the international human rights system, how it can be strengthened, and also how human rights can guide us going forward in the digital age.

It was on this occasion that the EU Council Working Party on Human Rights (COHOM) invited CDT Europe to address delegates from across the 27 EU capitals on the question of next steps for the EU’s work on digital diplomacy and working to protect human rights and democracy through its foreign policy.

The EU has come to play a global role in tech regulation by passing landmark laws such as the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, Online Political Ads Regulation, and the AI Act. What does this mean for its human rights foreign policy in relation to digital affairs? Our presentation seeks to respond to this question and examine the following:

  1. Capacity and Strategy – How to Ramp up Work on Digital Diplomacy;
  2. Digital Censorship & Online Expression;
  3. Human Rights in the Age of Surveillance;
  4. Artificial Intelligence; and
  5. Workers and Technology.

Read the full presentation.