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Elections & Democracy

Infosec Toolkit for Election Volunteering

Election Process Overview

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers come from all parts of the community. They are typically as diverse as the community in which they live, but share the common belief that voting is a right that everyone should be able to exercise with confidence.

Traditional volunteerTechnical volunteer
  • Setup equipment
  • Check-in voters
  • Monitor compliance
  • Provide in-person tech support at polling location
  • Assist with network security
  • Monitor social media
  • Network/website vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Identification of rogue WiFi/RF signals
  • Physical security audit

Requirements for Vetting Volunteers

  • Register to vote in your jurisdiction
  • Basic background check
  • Professional reference
  • Available for 1-day training 6-8 weeks prior to Election Day

Sample Introduction Email to Local Election Official

Interested in Election Volunteering

I am voter in [insert jurisdiction] and I am concerned about what I am hearing in the news about the security of our elections. I would like to volunteer because I believe that I can help make a difference. I have [insert technical skills or IT background] that I believe can be useful on Election Day assisting voters and other poll workers. Depending on your needs, I may even be able to help out on more technical tasks before or after Election Day.

I would be happy to discuss traditional or more technical volunteer opportunities in-person or by phone. I can also provide my resume and professional reference to give you a better sense of my technical skills. [I know that some of my colleagues may also be interested in volunteering, especially if they can apply their technical skills.] I look forward to being able to volunteer in the upcoming election in any role that is most helpful.

Election Security Resources

Local election officials have a growing number of resources available to them. You can help by becoming familiar with those resources to find areas where local election officials may need help translating the technical jargon or executing the recommended procedures.

For more information, please contact William T. Adler, CDT Senior Technologist, at [email protected], and Mallory Knodel, CDT Chief Technologist, at [email protected].