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CDT Sends Letter to CA Governor Newsom Supporting Right-to-Repair Bill

CDT sent a letter today to California Governor Gavin Newsom urging him to sign the Right to Repair Act, which has passed the state legislature and is now on his desk. The bill affirms the right of consumers to get their electronics-enabled devices repaired by the repair service provider of their choosing.

It requires the manufacturer to make available all repair parts, tools, and diagnostic information, for a specified number of years, and to make them available to owners and independent repair shops on terms equivalent to the terms offered to the manufacturer’s authorized repair service providers and its in-house factory repair operations.

The right to choose where and how to get repairs done has belonged to product owners for ages; it is a fundamental incident of ownership. Providing this right to consumers also promotes competition and opportunities for small independent businesses. And it reduces waste by enabling more products to be repaired rather than tossed into the trash. Giving consumers the power of choice that competition creates will help make repair more affordable and more convenient for all Californians.

Read the letter here.