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CDT Joins Massive Net Neutrality Day of Action on July 12, 2017

The United States is built upon a foundation of citizen advocacy and action. Our nation was founded out of protest, and we owe many of our civil liberties to the work of dedicated activists over the course of decades. We have inherited a legacy of organized, purposeful dissent, and we can see threads of this proud tradition in the efforts of users and stakeholders to preserve a free and open internet. For example, millions of Americans successfully flooded the FCC with comments to affirm the need for strong net neutrality protections in 2014, which led to the drafting and implementation of the 2015 Open Internet Order.

Unfortunately, the rights of internet users are once again being threatened. The proposed net neutrality repeal recently approved by the FCC would strip users and internet-based companies of critical open internet protections. In this spirit, CDT will join a broad coalition of civil society organizations, internet-based companies, and users in a day of action to support net neutrality on July 12, 2017. During the day of action, the coalition will provide tools to raise awareness, contact members of Congress, and submit comments to the FCC. Stay tuned for more details regarding planned actions and steps that you can take as we approach the end of the FCC comment period on July 17.

CDT is proud to help defend a free and open internet, and we encourage users, stakeholders, and internet-based companies to join us.