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European Policy

CDT Europe Joins Alliance Calling for Human-Rights Approach to DSA

CDT Europe, as part of the Digital Services Act Human Rights Alliance, has signed a joint letter calling for EU lawmakers and national regulators to adopt a human rights-centred approach to the implementation and enforcement of the EU Digital Services Act (DSA).  Addressing the outstanding rule of law and fundamental rights protection questions, as well as a proactive and meaningful engagement of international civil society voices, will ensure that the DSA constitutes a positive framework to protect digital rights within and beyond the EU. 


We urge them to value the insights that non-EU organisations can bring to the implementation process of the DSA. This is the case especially for grassroots organisations operating in the Global Majority and civil rights groups fighting for the protections of historically oppressed and vulnerable groups. These groups frequently find themselves on the receiving end of badly designed legislation and can contribute substantially to minimising the damage throughout the platforms’ value chains.

Read the full letter.