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European Policy, Free Expression

CDT Advises European Commission on How Best to Safeguard Researcher Access to Data in DSA

Also authored by CDT Europe’s Vânia Reis

Between April and May 2023, the European Commission held a public consultation with the aim of gathering expert insight into how best to develop the upcoming delegated act on data access for researchers under the provisions of the Digital Services Act (DSA). The Article 40 provision of the Regulation provides an important opportunity for researchers, journalists and civil society groups to develop much needed research, which will contribute to  increasing  online platforms’ due diligence and accountability.

CDT’s submission focuses on outlining the key components and mechanisms that will be important to establish as part of the delegated act in order to better understand how systemic risks concretely impact society. These include: the establishment of an independent intermediary body to assist in implementation and oversight; developing a transparent and accessible process for the vetting of researchers; adopting a tiered approach to data access; and ensuring essential fundamental rights safeguards are in place from the outset.

Read CDT’s full submission here.