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Cybersecurity & Standards, Equity in Civic Technology, Free Expression, Government Surveillance, Open Internet, Privacy & Data

A Roadmap for New White House & Congress to Advance Civil Rights & Liberties in the Digital Age

As President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and a new Congress assume office during a deadly pandemic and deep divisions in society, issues like online speech, surveillance, and privacy will continue to occupy center stage. Striking the right balance between, say, dealing with hateful speech and protecting free expression or ensuring surveillance technology does not disproportionately target minority communities, will be an enormous challenge.

How can policymakers get it right? And where should they start?

At CDT, we’ve published a roadmap detailing the four most urgent tech policy priorities we believe the White House and Congress need to address. They include:

  1. Preserving Free Expression and the Democratic Process While Addressing Online Content Issues;
  2. Protecting Consumers and Civil Rights Through Privacy Legislation and Agency Enforcement;
  3. Reforming Surveillance and Preserving Fundamental Rights; and
  4. Advocating for a Competitive, Free, and Open Internet

Check out the recommendations for specifics on each of these topics, including links to background material.

And, as always, I invite you to follow and share our work on Twitter at @CenDemTech.