Mozilla Fest 2023: From Insights To Impact





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Time: 12:00- 1:00 pm EST

Join leaders who work at the intersection of research and policy to examine opportunities for better collaboration in bringing social science insights on tech and society to real impact. The challenges we face in making the shift from insights to impact are the result of the need for translation work across sectors, building bridges for multi-disciplinary collaboration, and getting creative about partnership opportunities. Participants will be asked to workshop some of these possibilities with our panelists and each other and will come away with new ideas to push their work in impactful ways.

After a brief introduction, participants will form breakout groups tol initiate a “what do I have/what do I need” exercise to identify opportunities for collaboration, share best practices, and imagine new ways of bringing insights to impact.


  • Jessie Keating, Mozilla Foundation
  • Alexandra Givens, Center for Democracy & Technology
  • B Cavello, Aspen Digital
  • Emily Tavoulareas, Georgetown University
  • Madison Snider, Siegel Family Endowment