Disruptive Technologies / Disrupting Democracy: What Can History Teach Us About the Need for Civic Participation in AI Policy?





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Time: 11:00 am EDT

Date: Tuesday, April 9

The emergence of generative AI tools presents new challenges for our democracy, introducing ways to manipulate facts and mislead voters at a time when our society is already grappling with heightened election mis- and disinformation and eroding trust in institutions. In her new book, “AI Needs You: How We Can Change AI’s Future and Save Our Own,” Verity Harding lays out, in clear and compelling terms, lessons for our time. Drawing on deep insight into the process of technology development and the great scientific achievements of the past – including IVF, the space race and the early internet – she empowers each of us to join the conversation about AI and its possible futures.  

 Despite existing risks and harms associated with AI, technology corporations and policymakers continue to prioritize innovation and competition over people. Just like our democracy, AI can only benefit all of us if we are all represented in its development and governance. The future of AI, and our future with it, needs a more transparent and participatory approach that centers people.

Alexandra Reeve Givens from the Center for Democracy and Technology and Verity Harding, director of the AI & Geopolitics project at the University of Cambridge and former head of policy at Google Deepmind will host an informal and invite-only salon to discuss the need for a robust participatory and democratic approach to AI policy, drawing on lessons from some of the most important policy moments in our nation’s history.

Login info will be sent to registered attendees in advance of the event.

Questions: We will accept questions for panelists before and during the discussion. You can submit them via email at [email protected] or via Twitter at #cdtquestions and @CenDemTech. For those joining via computer, you will be able to share your questions by using the chat.

Accessibility: If you have access needs or questions, please contact [email protected] by April 5.

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