Silvia Lorenzo Perez

CDT Europe Programme Director, Security, Surveillance and Human Rights

Silvia Lorenzo Perez is CDT Europe’s Programme Director, Security, Surveillance and Human Rights. Her work focuses on the intersection of human rights, security, and surveillance. This includes working on issues such as spyware, law enforcement’s use of surveillance, and issues relating to the right to communicate securely, with a particular focus on journalists and human rights defenders.

Prior to joining CDT’s Brussels office, Silvia was Policy Advisor to MEP Lopez Aguilar, Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), where she led on coordination efforts within the LIBE Committee, overseeing areas related to rule of law, data protection, privacy, security, law enforcement, criminal justice, and judicial cooperation. She also took the lead in technical negotiations involving legislative proposals and coordinated the European parliament’s resolutions on issues related to the implementation of the GDPR and the personal data transfers to third-countries, including the EU-US Data Privacy Framework.

Silvia has a background in legal and policy work for both NGOs, such as Fair Trials and, more recently, a consultancy where she carried out research in the areas of privacy, data protection, ethics, and fundamental rights.

Silvia has an academic background in law, with a law degree and a LLM in International Human Rights Law.