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Cybersecurity & Standards

The FCC Begins Its Efforts to Undo Net Neutrality Protections

Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced his plan to roll back net neutrality protections for Americans. The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is committed to preserving a strong open internet and the plan outlined by Chairman Pai represents a significant step back from essential net neutrality protections.  

“Technological innovation has flourished because of the open nature of the internet. This has led to new business models and new platforms for expression. Chairman Pai’s proposal to undo the strong open internet protections currently in place would clearly advantage large internet service providers at the expense of the internet users who deserve unfettered, equitable access to the full range of internet services,” said Ferras Vinh, CDT Policy Counsel.

“Internet users across the country resoundingly supported net neutrality, with millions speaking out for the strongest protections possible. Chairman Pai should expect internet users to oppose his efforts and CDT will right there with them,” Vinh added.

Chairman Pai will be releasing a more detailed plan tomorrow. CDT will offer more in-depth analysis of the actual proposals once released. We anticipate strong opposition to the plan from civil society and numerous legal challenges to the Chairman’s efforts to undermine the open internet.