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Government Surveillance

Short-Changing Debate on Cyber-Surveillance Bill

Today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced plans to attach controversial cybersecurity legislation to a defense bill. The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) opposes the cybersecurity legislation and has developed a one-pager detailing the main issues with the legislation.

Read the CDT’s one-pager on the problems with the Senate Cybersecurity bill.

In response to McConnell’s comments, CDT’s Director of the Freedom, Security and Technology Project, Greg Nojeim, said the following:

“The Senate cybersecurity bill would diminish privacy, funnel more information about users’ Internet communications to the NSA, and permit potentially harmful countermeasures. Tacking the cybersecurity bill onto the Defense Authorization Act would thwart full Senate consideration of amendments to address these serious problems and undermine to Americans’ privacy rights.”