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CDT Applauds State AGs for Filing Lawsuit to Block T-Mobile/Sprint Merger


Supreme Court Allows Antitrust App Store Case to Move Forward


CDT Leads Coalition of Over 100 Organizations Opposing DHS Surveillance of Activists, Journalists, and Lawyers


Avery Gardiner to Lead CDT’s Efforts on Competition, Data, & Power


CDT’s Tech Prom to Feature Knight Foundation President Alberto Ibargüen


Past Its Expiration Date: CDT Releases Brief on Balancing Data Retention and Deletion in Education


Court Rules That Opened Email Retains Privacy Protections


CDT Joins Over 40 Organizations Calling on Congress to Address Data-Driven Discrimination


CDT Urges DC Circuit to Protect Net Neutrality


Has the fight over privacy changed at all in 2019?


Americans Deserve a Law Protecting Their Digital Privacy — Here’s Our Proposal


CDT and Human Rights Organisations Urge Ministers to Reconsider Proposed EU Terrorist Content Rules, Citing Threats to Free Expression