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Government Surveillance

CDT Testifies Before Congress on Cybersecurity Issues

CDT’s Greg Nojeim today testified before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on the subject of cybersecurity. “Very careful distinctions are needed to ensure that elements of the Internet and communications structures critical to new economic models, human development, free speech and privacy are not regulated in ways that could stifle innovation or chill free speech,” Nojeim said. “Effective cybersecurity measures intended to increase security of the communications infrastructure need not threaten civil liberties,” Nojeim said. “As a general rule, marketâ€?based solutions instead of governmental mandates should be favored for private infrastructure systems.” Nojeim also cautioned the Subcommittee against having the nation’s top spy agency, the NSA, in charge of national cybersecurity efforts; the agency’s legitimate secretive culture could hinder information sharing during a cybersecurity emergency.