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CDT Announces Launch of Web Site for Internet Transition Agenda

Brock N Meeks, CDT
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WASHINGTON – Today, the Center for Democracy and Technology (“ CDTâ€?) released version 1.0 of The Internet in Transition: A Platform To Keep the Internet Open, Innovative and Free, a draft of the organization’s policy recommendations on Internet and technology policy for the next Administration and Congress.

Along with release of the document, CDT is launching a Web site, which will take advantage of the extraordinary collaborative power of the Internet to help CDT craft a final version of its transition plan. Members of the Internet community – users, innovators and experts alike – will be able to submit comments on virtually any section of the document; those comments will be read and evaluated. If appropriate, user comments will be incorporated into the final version; that document will be presented to the next administration and Congress after the election.

The Web site also poses six key questions intended to spark discussion about Internet and technology issues. Netizens are encouraged to educate and engage both presidential and congressional candidates about Internet related issues, using the six key questions posted on the Web site.

“The challenges to the Internet are growing both in the United States and globally,â€? said Leslie Harris, CDT’s President and CEO. “ It is critical that our new political leaders understand these challenges and be prepared to provide strong leadership to ensure that the Internet continues to be a growing, open and transformative tool for politics, commerce and community.â€?

In launching the Web site, CDT is eager to harness the uniquely generative power of the Internet to encourage Internet users to express their views on Internet policy.

“The Internet is making this election season the most participatory in history,� Harris said. “CDT believes that it can play an equally critical role in policy development for the medium.�

The ideas and policy proposals outlined in the “Internet in Transitionâ€? document are open to anyone that wants to use them. “We hope others will incorporate parts of this proposal in their plans,â€? Harris said. “We’re not looking for ownership of these ideas, we’re looking for the right answers.â€?

Internet in Transition Web site: