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Katharina Kopp Joins CDT as Director of Privacy & Data Project

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is thrilled to announce Dr. Katharina Kopp as our new Director of the Privacy & Data Project. Katharina was most recently with American Express, leading the global privacy risk management program as Vice President, Global Privacy. At CDT, Katharina will lead CDT’s efforts to protect and enhance the privacy rights of individuals in all aspects of their digital lives. Beyond privacy, she will also work to broaden the assessment of, and policy solutions to, the impact of technology on individual autonomy and society as a whole.

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Draft UK Surveillance Bill Would Do More Harm than Good to Privacy

Today, United Kingdom Home Secretary Theresa May released the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill, which will govern UK secret surveillance if adopted. Aimed at creating a more transparent and simplified surveillance law, the draft bill does provide for some additional oversight for government surveillance practices, but also introduces alarming, privacy-eroding practices. The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) hopes that significant improvements are made to the draft bill before it is enacted.

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Privacy-infringing Cyber-surveillance Bill Passes in Senate

With today’s passage of the Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Act (CISA) (S.754), the privacy of Americans was greatly eroded, and the extent to which the bill would improve cybersecurity is unclear. The Center for Democracy & Technology has long advocated against the cyber-surveillance bill and its provisions that mandate that any personal information shared under the cybersecurity umbrella the bill opens up is shared immediately with a raft of government agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency.

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Homeland Security Readies Privacy Guidance on Drone Use

WSJ: Two issues of concern to privacy advocates are the warrantless use of drones over private property in law enforcement operations and the retention by the government of information collected by drones, said Harley Geiger, senior counsel at the Center for Democracy & Technology, an advocacy group that supports a warrant requirement.

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