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Overreaching Judicial Order Blocks WhatsApp in Brazil

Today, a judge in Brazil issued an order to immediately and indefinitely block access to the popular WhatsApp end-to-end encrypted messaging service in Brazil. For each day that it does not comply with the judicial order, WhatsApp faces fines of 50,000 reais (about $15,300). It is judicial overreach and a violation of free expression rights to deprive Brazilians of their preferred communications channel, and CDT applauds WhatsApp for continuing to provide a secure means of communication to its billions of users worldwide.

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Court Hands Microsoft Major Win, Rules US Warrants Don’t Reach Data Outside the Country

In a unanimous decision, the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals handed Microsoft a complete victory in its challenge to the US government’s demand that Microsoft turn over emails stored in Ireland. The Court of Appeals held that a US warrant does not reach data stored outside of the United States. CDT filed an amicus brief in support of Microsoft in the case and the ruling tracks closely with CDT’s arguments.

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Coalition Urges Senators to Reject Restrictions PCLOB Purview

A broad coalition of civil society groups, companies, and trade associations sent a letter to each US Senator urging them to oppose a provision of the Senate Intelligence Authorization Act that would bar the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) from considering the rights of people who are not Americans in their deliberations.

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Airbnb's legal argument: Don't hold us accountable for the actions of our hosts

Airbnb filed a lawsuit on Monday against its home city of San Francisco, alleging a new ordinance that would fine short-term rental firms for not proactively removing unregistered property listings from their websites and apps violates the Communications Decency Act. The CDA is the reason web forums, review sites and social media companies can exist without fear of being sued for what their users post, according to Gautam Hans.

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Apple’s Big Security Upgrades Will Save You From Yourself

Wired: During this week’s WWDC keynote, Apple executives neglected to talk much about the security measures coming to MacBooks and iPhones this fall. That’s a shame, because there are lots. And they’re going to significantly alter how you interact with your Apple devices.

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