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CDT Welcomes New Advisory Council Members for 2019-2020

CDT is thrilled to welcome a stellar new class of 2019 members to our Advisory Council. This year’s cohort is composed of talented individuals from a wide variety of organizations and backgrounds, bringing fresh insights to CDT’s advocacy efforts and helping plan for the organization’s 25th anniversary year. 

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U.S., U.K., and Australia Ask Facebook to Make the World Less Secure

The governments of the U.S., U.K., and Australia are calling on Facebook to make its users less secure by halting its rollout of end-to-end encryption and enabling a backdoor for government access. This joint letter was accompanied by the announcement that the U.S. and U.K. governments, as part of the implementation of the United States’ CLOUD Act, signed a bilateral agreement to streamline cross-border data sharing by law enforcement. These governments are clearly leveraging scare tactics in a concerted effort to weaken communications security globally and build in government surveillance. 

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Has the fight over privacy changed at all in 2019?

Tech Crunch: Few issues divide the tech community quite like privacy. Much of Silicon Valley’s wealth has been built on data-driven advertising platforms, and yet, there remain constant concerns about the invasiveness of those platforms. Yet with global platform usage and service sales continuing to tick up, we asked a panel of eight privacy experts: “Has anything fundamentally changed around privacy in tech in 2019? What is the state of privacy and has the outlook changed?” CDT President & CEO Nuala O’Connor responds here.

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FBI vs. Facebook Messenger: What’s at stake?

CDT’s Greg Nojeim writes in Ars Technica: In the wake of news from Reuters that a federal court in California rejected Department of Justice demands that Facebook break, bypass, or remove the encryption in its Messenger app, it’s worth noting how little we still know about such an important dispute.

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