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Helping Consumers Choose a Trustworthy VPN

CDT has launched an initiative aimed at helping consumers better understand VPNs and assess their trustworthiness. CDT developed a series of questions and recommendations for VPN providers that, when addressed completely, serve as a strong signal that the VPN can be trusted with your personal browsing information and web traffic. The framework was developed in consultation with a number of leading VPN providers, many of which proactively answered CDT’s questions, providing greater transparency about their data practices.

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Congress, Set a Strong Privacy Baseline for US Citizens

“Industry is pleading with Congress to write a federal privacy law and Congress should use this historic opportunity to pass strong privacy legislation. We urge members to shift their focus from how individual users can navigate privacy policies to what systemic changes industry should make in the way they collect and use our data.”

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Unintentional Bias May Impede Effectiveness of Health Apps

The mobile health industry holds significant potential to improve health and wellness, but unintended bias in the algorithms and data that power mHealth apps might limit their effectiveness and uptake, especially for traditionally marginalized communities, according to Heal-gorithms, a new report from CDT.

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FBI vs. Facebook Messenger: What’s at stake?

CDT’s Greg Nojeim writes in Ars Technica: In the wake of news from Reuters that a federal court in California rejected Department of Justice demands that Facebook break, bypass, or remove the encryption in its Messenger app, it’s worth noting how little we still know about such an important dispute.

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Where Are the Data Brokers?

CDT’s Joseph Jerome in Slate: On Wednesday, the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing called “Examining Safeguards for Consumer Data Privacy”. But the hearing, like the national conversation, will pay too much attention to the online data practices of big technology companies that people are already aware of. No one from a data broker—or a company that collects and sells or licenses the personal data of individuals with whom it has no business relationship—will be at the hearing.

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