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Human Rights Organisations Urge Ministers to Reconsider Proposed EU Terrorist Content Rules, Citing Threats to Free Expression

Ahead of this week’s meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council, CDT and thirty-two European and international human and digital rights organisations and experts call on Ministers to reconsider or significantly redraft the proposed ‘Regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online’. In a joint letter, we warn that the proposal will harm free speech, journalism, and access to information.

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Will Scooters Ride Away with Your Privacy?

Dockless mobility services generate a tremendous amount of data that could potentially improve transportation infrastructure, and cities are racing to create new data standards to collect and analyze mobility data. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation is undertaking its own pilot program to address concerns around privacy and data generated by scooters, and CDT would like to see key privacy and security practices implemented.

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FBI vs. Facebook Messenger: What’s at stake?

CDT’s Greg Nojeim writes in Ars Technica: In the wake of news from Reuters that a federal court in California rejected Department of Justice demands that Facebook break, bypass, or remove the encryption in its Messenger app, it’s worth noting how little we still know about such an important dispute.

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Where Are the Data Brokers?

CDT’s Joseph Jerome in Slate: On Wednesday, the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing called “Examining Safeguards for Consumer Data Privacy”. But the hearing, like the national conversation, will pay too much attention to the online data practices of big technology companies that people are already aware of. No one from a data broker—or a company that collects and sells or licenses the personal data of individuals with whom it has no business relationship—will be at the hearing.

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