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Government Surveillance

Week of Action Opposing CISPA (Recap)

Originally published March 18th

A coalition of Internet advocacy organizations and individuals are launching a week of action to combat the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).

Viewing CISPA as one of the greatest threats to Internet users since SOPA, the coalition intends to leverage popular outrage to oppose the dangerously broad cybersecurity bill.

The objectionable provisions of CISPA include:

  • Eviscerating existing privacy laws by giving overly broad legal immunity to companies who share users’ private information, including the content of communications, with the government.
  • Authorizing companies to disclose users’ data directly to the NSA, a military agency that operates secretly and without public accountability.
  • Broad definitions that allow users’ sensitive personal information to be used for a range of purposes, including “national security,” not just computer and network security.

The coalition believes that legislation intended to enhance our computer and network security must not sacrifice long-standing civil liberties and protections.

Ways to join the week of action include contacting your Representatives (EFF action page) or asking the White House to renew its promise to veto CISPA (ACLU action page).

Updated March 26th



Advocacy for Principled Action in Government
American Association of Law Libraries
American Library Association
Association of Research Libraries
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Center for Democracy & Technology
Center for Digital Democracy
Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights
Competitive Enterprise Institute
The Constitution Project
Consumer Watchdog
Demand Progress
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Entertainment Consumers Association
Fight for the Future
Free Press Action Fund
Government Accountability Project
Internet Defense League
Liberty Coalition
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute
NY Tech Meetup
Personal Democracy Media
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Privacy Times

Letter to White House

On March 19th, 37 organizations signed a letter to the White House asking it to renew its promise to veto CISPA.


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