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Privacy & Data

Today is Data Privacy Day

Today is Data Privacy Day – an international celebration of the dignity of the individual expressed through their personal information. This is exactly what "Take Back Your Privacy" is all about as we work with supporters, businesses and legislators to increase user control of their personal data.
To help celebrate Data Privacy Day, we urge you to do any number of the following activities to show your support for protecting digital privacy:
  • Visit and get involved by hosting an awareness event or activity
  • Sign up three friends to the "Take Back Your Privacy" campaign
  • Download our campaign badge and post it on your website or blog to show your support
  • Write a letter to lawmakers urging them to pass meaningful and privacy legislation 
Change will not happen unless you raise your voice and demand it. It's your data and your information – you have the right to decide how that information is used. Stand up and celebrate Data Privacy Day and take back your privacy!