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The World Wide Web Turns 25

On March 12, 1989, Tim Berners-Lee published a paper that outlined the information management system that would become the foundation for the Web. Yes, happy 25th birthday, World Wide Web.

Jim Dempsey, CDT’s Vice President, recently shared his reflections on the impact of the Web with global news syndicate Agence France-Presse. “The Internet pushes power to the edges. Anybody can be a listener and anybody can be a publisher on the same network; there has never been anything like it,” he said.

CDT is turning 20 this year, and while we aren’t as old as the Web, our founders and the organization have been involved in its growth and development from the very early stages. Check out our latest interactive website that highlights our efforts around many key Internet policy issues, including ECPA reform, Section 230, Internet governance, and the infamous Clipper Chip.

To mark our 20 years of keeping the Internet open, innovative and free, CDT also developed a video that takes a look back on our start, touches on some of the major policy battles we won, and shares our vision for the future of the Internet. Be sure to check it out below.