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Tech Talk: The Powers and Perils of Speech Online

2016-04-20 CDT Tech Talk LONG logo

CDT’s Tech Talk is a podcast where we dish on tech and Internet policy, while also explaining what these policies mean to our daily lives. You can find Tech Talk on SoundCloud iTunes, and Google Play.

In this episode, we hear about the powers and perils of free speech online from a journalist, a playwright, and a digital strategist turned political candidate.

All three spoke at the Future of Speech Online, an event hosted by CDT at the Newseum. They were asked to reflect on what the future holds for all speakers in our digitally connected world.

We first hear from Carlos Maza, a video producer at Vox, who questions whether the best ideas always wins in the digital marketplace of ideas.

He’s followed by Stand Up Republic’s co-founder Mindy Finn who tracks her journey from tech optimist to tech realist, and shares her concerns about the impact of some online speech is having on our democracy.

Finally, we hear from Jennifer Haley, a playwright who is exploring the boundaries of the online and offline world, and how we navigate a world where they are increasingly intertwined.

Each brings a unique and compelling perspective on what online speech may look like in the future. Enjoy!