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Tech Talk: The Importance of Student Data to Youth in Foster Care

2016-04-20 CDT Tech Talk LONG logo

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It’s not uncommon for students to change schools multiple times during the course of their education. Unfortunately the data about them doesn’t always follow. And while there may be reasons for not wanting a data trail, lack of student data at the new school can lead to a myriad of problems.

Joy Bruce, Tim Hoagland (Tech Talk Producer), Keedy Bradley, and Brian Wesolowski

One group of students who this is certainly true for are those in foster care. In this episode of Tech Talk, we were joined by Joy Bruce, the Executive Director of CASA New Orleans, and Keedy Bradley, who was part of the foster care system in New Orleans and now interns with CASA. They share incredible insights on the value of student data for youth in foster care – and they were also just plain fun! 

After Joy and Keedy, we hear from CDT’s new EU Affairs Analyst Vincenzo Tiani about the controversial Copyright Directive, aimed at modernizing copyright law for the digital age and harmonizing it across the EU. Opponents of the directive, including CDT, are concerned the law will have significant unintended consequences and break the principle of fair use.

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