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Government Surveillance

Open Letter from Security Experts Voices Concerns Over the Proposed Changes to UK Investigatory Powers Act’s Notices Regime

The proposed amendments to the UK’s Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) have prompted a powerful open letter addressed to the UK Home Secretary from security experts united in their commitment to a secure, reliable, and inclusive internet. Their profound concerns highlight the detrimental impacts on digital security and privacy that these changes would have, namely that the IPA would establish centralized control over crucial security updates, against best practice and slowing implementation.

Furthermore, it warns of the overarching control the UK government could gain over technological development and maintenance, which would significantly erode trust in digital services and compromise user safety, not only harming UK citizens and businesses but also setting a concerning precedent internationally. The letter’s 27 signatories stand in a critical appeal for maintaining the integrity and security of the digital landscape.

Read the open letter.