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Letter to Newman & Saunders re: New York City’s Automated Decision Systems Task Force

Acting Director Emily W. Newman
Deputy Commissioner Brittny Saunders
Mayor’s Office of Operations
235 Broadway – 10th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Re: New York City’s Automated Decision Systems Task Force

Dear Task Force Chairs Newman and Saunders:

The undersigned organizations and individuals write to offer recommendations to the Automated Decision Systems Task Force, which is mandated by Local Law 49 of 2018. The Task Force is required to present the Mayor and ultimately the public with recommendations on identifying automated decision systems in New York City government, developing procedures for identifying and remedying harms, developing a process for public review, and assessing the feasibility of archiving automated decision systems and relevant data. This is an important opportunity to ensure that emerging technologies, like automated decisions systems, are adopted and implemented fairly and equitably to serve all New Yorkers.

Though we hope the Task Force will engage experts, advocates, and community members over the next year, we are offering the following recommendations in hopes that they can assist the Task Force in answering the varied and complicated questions mandated by Local Law 49 of 2018. We also anticipate that the Task Force’s prospective findings and recommendations can serve as a national or international model for other jurisdictions grappling with the opportunities and challenges presented by the use of automated decision systems, so we hope this letter can assist other advocates in their local efforts. This letter includes general recommendations for the Task Force as well as specific recommendations related to the provisions of Local Law 49 of 2018.