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Introducing CDT’s Podcast: Tech Talk, Ep. 1

Tech is all around you and now insights on the tech policies that are shaping your digital world can be added to your podcast playlist. Yes, after numerous requests (I swear!), CDT is launching its own podcast, Tech Talk.

Each week, Tech Talk will feature two segments on important, interesting, unique, and sometimes disturbing trends in the tech and internet policy space. We’ll go beyond headlines, while not going too deep into the weeds or getting lost in the labyrinth of acronyms that so often overtakes productive conversation. We plan to feature the amazingly brilliant folks from CDT at first, and then expand our interviews to policy experts and interesting people outside our offices.

We’ll keep each podcast under 30 minutes, but make them long enough so they get you through your commute. Amazing, right?!

Our first episode features Emma Llanso unpacking a Supreme Court ruling on what constitutes a “true threat” online, and Ali Lange discusses how to manage your digital accounts, including email and social media, before you die. A bit morbid, but it’s something we all need to think about as we have more and more information and memories stored only online.

Episode 1 is available through the Apple iTunes Store and SoundCloud, and streaming versions of the podcast are posted to Twitter (@CenDemTech) and here on our blog.

Email [email protected] or tweet @CenDemTech with your policy questions and suggestions for future Tech Talk topics and guests. Thanks for tuning in!

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