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European Policy, Free Expression

Get to Know CDT’s Fellows: Aleksandra Kuczerawy

Aleksandra Kuczerawy is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for IT and IP at KU Leuven, Belgium. She is also one of CDT’s non-resident Fellows, engaging with our policy teams to provide valuable insight from her research. In this Q & A we get to learn more about Aleksandra and her current work. 

Why did you become a CDT fellow?

I became a fellow to engage with academics from different backgrounds and regions and exchange ideas on new technologies and fundamental rights.  

What is your current research focus?

I am focused on online platform regulation and the challenges for freedom of expression and access to information. The enforcement of public policy (e.g. the fight against disinformation, terrorist content, hate speech, copyright infringement, etc) has been delegated, for the most part, to private platforms. To ensure effective protection of fundamental rights, it is important to identify limits to ensure that the delegation of powers stays within the boundaries of the rule of law. 

What is the most pressing internet policy question of today?

Policymakers around the world involve online platforms in policing speech of their users, often as a response to recent tragic events. To address the problem, involvement of online platforms is most likely inevitable, but what are the consequences and limits of delegating traditional State roles to private platforms?  

On what issues should policymakers seek more input from academia?

Policymakers often seek to respond quickly to current events. Academics can bring a broader perspective, offer context, and lessons learned from similar initiatives. That could help design better policies and reduce unintended consequences.

What is your favorite topic to teach?

My favorite topic to teach, always, is the intermediary liability regime in the EU. Recently I also enjoyed teaching about freedom of expression and hate speech on the internet, although it’s not exactly a fun topic. 

What’s a passion or hobby you have outside of tech & the internet?

Sitting glued to a screen every day, I really enjoy disconnecting once in a while, preferably for a nice hike or a kayaking trip. I also relax by experimenting in the kitchen, lately with fermenting everything according to my great grandmother’s recipe and with different flavors of ‘nice cream’.