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CRS Report of the Week – Science and Technology Policymaking: A primer

The report begins with an overview of U.S. science and technology policy, followed by explanations on who makes the policy, what organizations provide information on policy, and the challenges that policymaking presents.

CRS No. RL34454, April 22, 2008.

From the Report’s Summary:

Several organizations, when requested by the federal government or Congress,
provide formal science and technology policy advice: federal advisory committees,
congressionally chartered honorific organizations, and federally funded research and
development corporations. In addition, many other organizations and individuals –
international intergovernmental organizations, policy institutes/think tanks, the
public, professional organizations, disciplinary societies, universities and colleges,
advocacy, special interest, industry, trade associations, and labor – also provide their
thoughts. These organizations may agree on the scientific and technical knowledge
regarding an issue, but disagree on what actions to take in response, as their values
on a proposed policy may differ. Policymakers may be overwhelmed with an
abundance of information from these organizations.