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Coming Soon: A New Website with a New Privacy Policy

There are few things more satisfying for a communications person than being able to rollout a whole new website for your organization. I’m pleased to announce that on April 7 there will be a brand new We believe it will be a better reflection of the dynamic, forward looking and innovative organization that we are.

It’s easy to get distracted by new shiny features and functions, but one of the most important parts of the website will be our revamped privacy policy. We are very much in the business of being an advocate for consumer privacy, so when it comes to website privacy polices, we are committed to practicing what we preach.

The communications, consumer privacy and technologist teams worked together to develop an accessible, understandable and workable privacy policy that allows CDT to serve our visitors and audiences, while respecting their right to privacy.

The new privacy policy is not significantly different than our current one, rather it is primarily a refresh to account for changes in web systems and services that we will be using moving forward. Beyond this, we worked to simplify the language and improve organization.

Take a look at the new CDT website privacy policy and let us now your thoughts or comments via email to [email protected]. We always welcome feedback and would be happy to provide guidance to other organizations as they work to develop their own.

View the new privacy policy