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“Chain of Trust” Initiative Launched as Groups Weigh In

The Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC), National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA), and led a public workshop yesterday to launch a new collaborative effort to combat malicious software. The “Chain of Trust” initiative is built on the fundamental principle that the only way to combat a global problem like this is to bring everyone involved to the table and create a united front against a growing threat. The workshop featured discussion from representatives from government agencies, Internet companies, network providers, security vendors, researchers and advocacy groups.  Keynote speakers included Shawn Henry, assistant director of the FBI’s computer crime unit, Jeff Fox, editor, Consumer’s Union, and Brian Krebs, reporter, Washington Post, where he writes the Security Fix blog. The discussion focused on how best to identify, educate and combat today’s cyber threats. Once again, CDT provided live coverage online through our Twitter live event feed (@CDT_LIVE under the hashtag #asc09), and UStream channel, CDT TV.  Users were able to weigh in on their thoughts about the conference live through the web, something that lead to a truly collaborative discussion about a growing global concern. A text cloud analysis of the Twitter feed (below), gives a good snapshot to the tone of the feedback online users offered on the workshop.  As you can see, there is agreement that this problem can only be solved through a joint effort with groups helping one another achieve success through trust.  Each stakeholder is a link in the growing chain of trust. Both the twitter feed and the UStream video are archived online if you were unable to participate.