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CDT Weighs in on FTC Privacy Report: Protecting Consumers in Digital Age

The Federal Trade Commission’s staff report on privacy was a step in the right direction.  That report outlined new ideas on how the Federal government could grapple threats to privacy in the digital age.  CDT submitted comments to the FTC, which responded to a broad range of questions the Commission had opened for public comment.

CDT believes the draft report draft report provides a strong foundation for a privacy protection framework; we applaud the FTC’s excellent work. We are especially pleased to see that the FTC has embraced the full range of the Fair Information Practice Principles and recommended that those principles be applied to all companies that collect, use, and maintain consumer information, both online and offline.

Fundamentally, CDT believes that this framework can only be accomplished across the entire ecosystem through baseline privacy legislation, and we urge the FTC to endorse that approach as the appropriate means to implement a new privacy protection framework in its final report.