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CDT Submits Comments to FEC on AI in Election Communications

These comments are also authored by Dean W. Jackson

CDT submitted comments today supporting Public Citizen’s petition that calls for the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to open a rulemaking process to consider how it might limit fraudulent misrepresentations in election communications through the use of AI-generated media. 

As we explained, the use of AI to produce synthetic video, images, or audio that has been digitally manipulated to misrepresent the voice and likeness of another person, or “deepfakes,” is a growing reality in election campaigns. Although the FEC cannot alone solve all the issues raised by the use of deepfakes in election campaigns, it can take a meaningful step forward by adopting rules that limit the ability of candidates to use deepfakes to engage in fraudulent misrepresentations by putting words in the mouths of their opponents.

The full comments are available here.